Welcome to the Cascade Chapter of the IPC Designers Council. We are located in the Seattle area of Washington.


Who are we?

The IPC Designers Council is a non-profit organization setup to promote the printed circuit board design industry by providing localized printed circuit board design related training from industry experts, certification programs, and networking with others involved within the PCB design industry.


When do we meet?

Our meetings are held quarterly and will usually be held in the evenings but may occasionally be held during the lunch time period. Please check our Meeting Schedule for more detailed information.
Many of the meetings are free however some of the meetings may require a fee in order to cover the costs of the event and/or guest speaker.


How do you join?

Please click on this link to sign up today!


If you are currently a member and need to update your information click on this link.


There are no longer any membership dues, but Cascade Chapter membership registration through IPC is required. First time guests are always welcome.


Your chapter membership will also entitle you to certain discounts with IPC, as well as discounts to our paid meetings/events of the Cascade Chapter.


If you would like to join our mailing list for future notification please fill out the form at the bottom of the page.


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