“Common Fab Concerns and Dealing with Today’s Controlled Impedances”

Presenter: Mark Thompson

January 18th, 2017



In the First section I will be discussing typical issues seen from a Fabrication standpoint, missing pads,
holes drilling through traces, same net space violations and other design and manufacturing issues…

In the second section I will be discussing what is really necessary to be able to properly model
impedances prior to layout for a given customer and the importance of making sure the information is
understood. (Understanding the variables of Signal Integrity – material selection, Dk, Propagation
speeds, press params , etc…)I will also talk about solutions for “reasonable” trace and space for un-usual
impedance requirements and how to reduce surface trace widths by use of Co-planar coupling.

Followed by a brief virtual shop tour of a “typical” multilayer so the process’ are better understood.

Speaker Biography:

Mark Thompson has worked in the PCB fabrication industry for over 40 years. Half of which have been at Prototon. He writes a semi monthy column for PCB007 Design, an online Electronics Industry magazine, relative to
Fabrication issues. The Column covers design, layout and engineering practices as they relate to PCB fabrication. He also manages Prototron’s own LinkedIn “PCB Bare Board Truth” group.
a group devoted to networking solutions to today’s PCB fabrication issues.