“Trace and Via Currents and Temperatures; The Story that Grew and Grew!”

Presenter: Douglas G. Brooks, Ph.D.

May 4th, 2016



In 2015, Doug Brooks and Johannes Adam began modeling the thermal characteristics of traces using software that Dr. Adam had developed. But a funny thing happened when they modeled via temperatures. The results were totally contrary to conventional wisdom. And Doug realized that he needed to show empirically that the results were valid.

Prototron stepped up and provided the boards to empirically test the via results. And another funny thing happened. This grew into another empirical study, which grew into another empirical study… and a book was born! By the time he was through, Doug had studied trace and via temperatures, trace fusing characteristics, current densities, thermal conductivity coefficients (Appendix 1), resistivity measurements (Appendix 2), and even board x-rays (Chapter 13)!

Come hear Doug describe all that has happened (especially the via results) and the help he has received along the way, from people as far away as New Brunswick (part of Chapter 7 and Appendix 1) and people (Prototron, lots of chapters) as close as Redmond. Even from a Seattle firefighter (Chapter 12)!

Speaker Biography:

Doug Brooks was president of UltraCAD Design, Inc., from its founding in 1992 until he retired about three years ago. His educational background includes a BS/EE and MS/EE from Stanford and a PhD from the University of Washington. He has written two previous books on PCB Signal Integrity Issues and countless articles. He has been giving presentations on PCB design topics around the world for the past 20 years. Now that he has finished this book, he says that this might be his last presentation — ever!

Doug’s books can be found HERE.